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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Read this terms and conditions carefully before using this site. By using this site, you are agreed with this terms and conditions. Menica can change this terms and conditions whenever we want.

LICENSE Member is a registered user that have the right to order online wedding invitation and pay for it. After that, member will get one online wedding invitation with subdomain link. Example : http://menica.pro/your_username . Subdomain link name was taken by order form that member filled.

COUPLE Couple is not a fictive. If information you are filled are fictive, it will be your responsibility. Menica has the right to delete if your information is unreasonably.

ERRORS, CORRECTIONS, AND CHANGES Your invitation data is your responsibility. You can edit your own invitation, so Menica does not have responsibility to your data. Menica has the right to delete your invitation or even your account if you show the unreasonably things.

REFUND POLICY There is no refund for delivered product. Before you buy our product, make sure you have read carefully about the source. We just make exception if fault is ours. Maximal refund claim is one week after delivered date. That refund will publish for you after we get your copyright release.

PAYMENT A Your Bank card information is real and you will pay with exactly price.

Menica adalah salah satu brand dari PT Alfath Teknologi Inovatif. Website ini merupakan platform pembuatan undangan pernikahan online atau digital dalam bentuk website yang bisa Anda buat sendiri dan langsung jadi.

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